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Rick Glass’ ascent from $300,000 to $1MM+ per year

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Click the video above to watch my interview with Rick Glass

Rick Glass’ ascent from $300,000 to consistently billing $1MM+ per year is one of the most exciting I’ve ever served.

In a previous life, Rick Glass was a world class boxer. No one could have been more surprised when he discovered that everything he worked so hard to accomplish in boxing applied directly to his next endeavor.

Stepping out of the ring, Rick Glass found himself in search of a profession that resonated on an even deeper level and he found it in recruiting. He discovered that recruiting was for him less of a task and more of a spiritual calling.

Rick rose to the occasion, rapidly reaching $300,000 of billings. But his success was unstable and unpredictable. He found it to be a taskmaster he couldn’t satisfy.

When Rick and I got started, he felt unable to rise over his past highs, and was a slave to the recruiting roller coaster. He couldn’t enjoy the fruits of his abilities.

Initially, Rick and I created a performance model that accurately reflected his unique approach. We also worked intensely on his identity, his real world life with family, and most important of all, his spirituality tying everything together.

Mastering the causes and effects underlying his efforts, and integrating them with his professional and personal identity, Rick slashed through the $1,000,000 mark in billings per year, and never looked back.

Together we mapped a course that fulfilled all of Rick’s recruiting dreams, and created the life he strived so long and hard to build.

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