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Part 2: Rick Glass’ ascent from $300,000 to $1MM+ per year

Click the video above to watch my interview with Rick Glass

In part two, Rick & Pat dive into the best practices of the elite and more…

  • How a small break in the interview flow can change the mindset of the client and candidate.

  • For example: Everything is going well, except for one interviewer. In a perfect world, you would need to have an actual head-to-head and heart-to-heart with every person on the track.

  • Complete involvement and accurately representing the best interests of the client.

  • How recruiters must handle the chaos of miscommunication and misunderstanding as it rises.

  • What separates the elite from most: a standard of performance so high that you deliver as close to the perfect experience for the client as possible.

  • The key strategic investment Rick makes to be a power player in his industry

Rick & Pat discuss the metrics of success...

  • Rick saw firsthand in the ’90’s how the industry can collapse without warning and how, through use of The Lock-On Report, you could bounce right back.

  • How thriving businesses to recruit at a high level utilizing the right data, the right matrixes, and multiple snapshots.

  • The Lock-On Report provided Rick the customized milestones and action steps necessary for growth and execution.

  • Pat discusses how to break a large goal down into smaller sequences to triangulate performance.

  • To win success, you have to allow the numbers to tell you how you’ve failed.While counterintuitive, more is not always the answer.

To Reach Your Leadership Destiny

You Will Need a Tough Friend


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