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The Rocky of Recruiting

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Click the video above to watch my interview with Rick Glass

Today, we complete our interview with Rick Glass. Rick is an extraordinary outlier in the recruiting industry and it has been one of the greatest honors of my coaching career to be able to serve him.

You will find it interesting that Rick left the boxing ring and joined the world of recruiting, but he didn’t leave the discipline of boxing behind. Always a contender, he had frequent peaks of greatness and fought to maintain those wins even though performance lows seemed inescapable.

We must honor Rick’s father. Rick’s father always believed in him and pushed him to be the great boxer he could possibly be. We must honor Karl Dinse. Karl saw the greatness in Rick when he hired him to be a recruiter and Karl pushed Rick. I brag. Karl is my friend and one of the greatest clients I ever served. Karl hired me to work with Rick. Karl knew that Rick needed a great coach, worthy to push Rick further. That is how Rick and I got started together.

He was already consistently billing over $300,000 per year. But his great years were unpredictable. Our mission was to wipe out the low moments producing a constant stream of wins. We grew the $300,000 to $1MM+ per year of consistent billings. If you have ever had a personal trainer, you may understand the resistance your body exudes when you are being pushed. In recruiting, when you have someone pushing you past your limits, your mind will resist the change.

But as Rick’s Consigliori it was my job to be that tough friend and push him past his limits. The price of transformation is a tremendous amount of effort and a phenomenal amount of pain.

Rick is the Rocky of Recruiting.

Rick has always been able to fight the resistance. This is the true work of an extraordinary outlier in our industry.

I will treasure our work together for the rest of my life. To be a part of this journey has been such a gift and I am proud to have served you, Rick. Now we will complete our interview with Rick looking at:

  • Tactical adjustments Rick needed to make in his business

  • How Rick integrated into the Lock-On Report

  • The result of his relationship with his Consigliori

If you missed parts 1 & 2 you can watch them here: Rick Glass interview Part 1 Rick Glass interview Part 2

To Reach Your Leadership Destiny

You Will Need a Tough Friend


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